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More Bike Lanes Needed

Halstead St. approaching the Sierra Madre Villa Metro station. To stay out of the “door zone” bicyclists must ride to the left of the white line, dangerously close to fast-moving traffic. Large parking lots nearby mean on street parking could be replaced with a bike lane.


Riding on one of my usual routes in northeast Pasadena, I was again convinced that the City of Pasadena needs to provide bike lanes on routes leading to and from the Sierra Madre Villa Metro station.  For example, approaching the station from the north on Halstead Street, staying out of the “door zone” requires that you ride in the path of traffic moving at 35-40 mph.  My modest proposal: ban on-street parking and paint bike lanes on the shoulder of the road.  There is plenty of space for automobile parking in the shopping centers on both sides of Halstead, so it would be no inconvenience for motorists, and would significantly improve the safety and bikeability of that approach to the Metro station.

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