Life beyond the automobile in Southern California

Bikes and Farmers’ Markets

Looking for ways to incorporate your bike into your life?  Try riding your bike to the farmers’ market.

Bikes and farmers’ markets are a natural fit.  Your local farmers’ market is probably within easy bicycling distance (i.e., less than 5 miles) from your house, and those fresh fruits and veggies are a healthy compliment to the exercise you’ll be getting on your bike.  In fact, one of the reasons people shop at farmers’ markets is that these local markets represent a healthy, sustainable lifestyle, so why take an unhealthy, unsustainable mode of transportation to get there?   Farmers’ markets are also family-friendly, and a family bike ride to the farmers’ market is a great way to enhance that family time.  If your family’s bikes have racks or baskets (which I highly recommend), everyone can easily carry a share of the produce home.

In recent months, I’ve seen an increase in the number of people biking to my local farmers’ market in Pasadena.  The Pasadena market has good road access for bicyclists, with bike lanes on Sierra Madre Blvd, the main road leading to Victory Park, where the farmers’ market is held every Saturday.  There are also plenty of places to lock up your bike while you shop and you’ll avoid the gridlocked parking lot.  I can’t tell you how many times I’ve gleefully zipped out of the parking lot while drivers honk and yell at each other over scarce parking spaces.  I do sympathize.  It’s got to be frustrating to have to find a space to park a 4,000 lb dinosaur to pick up 20 lbs worth of produce, (and then to drive to the gym to get exercise).

Some day maybe they’ll catch on.  In the meantime, I’ll see you (and your bike) at the farmers’ market!

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