Life beyond the automobile in Southern California

Summer Memories

As a tribute to summer, I thought I’d post some pictures of my recent bicycle wanderings in San Diego–especially the beautiful coastal route along Highway 101 between Oceanside and Solana Beach.  Above, a bicyclist enjoys the view and the bike lane on the Coastal Rail Trail, a beautiful ride.  North County San Diego has quite a good network of bike lanes, enabling me to go almost entirely car free during my stay there.  There are still a few gaps in the network, but by and large I was impressed with the number of bike lanes.  San Diego county has a growing bicycle advocacy movement, led by the San Diego County Bicycle Coalition.

Above, I stop along the ocean near South Carlsbad to take in the magnificent view and cool ocean breeze.

I really like this surfer’s rig.  Electra beach cruiser with a cargo trailer modified for hauling a surfboard.  I’m going to work on finding or rigging a trailer to haul my surfboards for next year’s trip.  Seems to me that surfing and bikes are a natural fit.  They both get you closer to the beauty of the natural world, they are both fun, and they both keep you physically fit.

As summer turns to fall, I’ll still be riding, but I’ll look back with pleasant memories of my summer cycling.


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