Life beyond the automobile in Southern California



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  1. kathykurutz on said:

    Hi. I’ve had a bike lane in front of my house on New York Dr between Sierra Madre Blvd and Eaton Canyon for years. Recently (continuing) they’ve resurfaced it and now we have a wide, buffered bike lane. There’s already no parking there, but this is a good start. BTW, I understand the defendant in the Phillip O’Neill tragedy will be going to trial. He should have been tried months ago but continues to live in denial. (I guess you know this.) Good article. CalTech Lab sends me interesting stuff. Pasadena’s heading in the right bike direction…she’ll truly appreciate your article today. I am deaf, so no phone, no communication other than my email and Facebook. Thanks for your enlightened articles…come try out our new buffered bike lane. Kathy

    • Hi Kathy, Thanks very much for for your comment. I agree that things are looking promising in Pasadena. I’ve been watching the resurfacing on that segment of NY Drive and hoping they would provide a buffer (at least) on a street where the posted speed limit is 50 (but many go faster). I want to try it, but I’m going to wait until after summer when there will be fewer cars parked on the street in front of Gerrish swim club, which forces bicyclists into the high-speed traffic lane. Because of the traffic speed and the priority given to parked cars, I still cannot recommend it as a safe route, but the buffer is an improvement.

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